Effortless customer support at scale

24/7 accurate answers for your users, 20% fewer tickets for your support team


Instant answers for a better customer experience

AI powered technology provides the best answer from content you already have, like your knowledge base and past conversations with customers

Increase self-service and reduce support cost

Experience 10 - 20% ticket volume reduction immediately, and free up time for support staff to focus on high value tasks

Deep insights into your customer’s questions

Detailed analysis of customer queries uncover not just why they contact you but also what this means for your business

How it works


Connect Aida to your existing Help Desk. Aida learns the best answers to high volume questions from past conversations


Add Aida on your website or in-app by adding a few lines of javascript code


Immediately begin answering customer questions. No programming required!

Integrate with what you use today

Partners and Supporters

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