Tue, Oct 16 2018

As stated in the title, permanent membership applications have been extended to Friday, November 2nd, 2018. Any midterm grade request applications are also due on Friday, November 2nd, 2018. The deadline for AGS Scholarship applications are on Friday, November 16th, … 7857948446

Tournament of Roses Internship Program

Fri, Sep 21 2018

Hello everyone, the annual Tournament of Roses Parade is coming up, which means the applications are open! This is a great way to network and get involved with the Pasadena community. By being part of AGS, you do not need … Continue reading

AGS Apparel (2018-2019)

Sat, Sep 15 2018

Hey Alphas! Are you interested in AGS Apparel? We have sweatshirts ($25), crew necks ($20), white long sleeves($20), and shirts ($12)! Input your request in the form linked below and we’ll bring it to the following general meeting, which is … Continue reading

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